Dive Computer AV-1

Highly Versatile Decompression Computer AV-1


  • — Stand Alone
  • — Fisher Connector model
  • — Integrated CCR Controller

— Up to 3 external sensors monitoring (for Fisher connector and Controller model );
— Any gas mixture: Air, Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox;
— Open Circuit, Closed Circuit, Gauge modes

— Buhlmann ZHL-16C, with Gradient Factors, 16 tissues;
— Automatic power saving mode after 2 minutes on the surface;
— Open Circuit,  8 Gases;
— Closed Circuit, 8 Gases;
— Convinient algorythm of gas changing;
— Switching between OC/CC during the dive;
— Adding or changing gas or gas mix during the dive;
— In case of breaking decompression obligation Computer doesn't block by itself;
— Automatic set point initiating;
— Three editable setpoints for CCR — start, dive, deco;
— Firmware Updates Via USB;
— 100 dives logbook with detailed information for 100 hours saves into the flash memory;
— Sampling interval — 10 seconds;
— Blackbox function — all alarms and diver's actions are recorded into the flash memory;
— Divelog downloads to PC via USB;
— CNS level;
— Digital indicator of ascend / descend speed;
— Multi Level deco planning with gas amount calculation for OC and bailout amount calculation for CCR;
— Possibility to check previous deco stops during the dive;
— Dive simulator;
— LiPo USB charged integrated acc;
— Dimensions 90x65x28 mm;
— Wheight 0.27 kg.